Riot vs. LCS Players Association: Latest News on Financial Dispute Over NACL and its Impact on LCS and Worlds 2023

2023-06-01 12:32:44


Tensions in the LCS have escalated recently after the LCS Players Association (LCSPA) in the North American region of “League of Legends” (LCSPA) and Riot have repeatedly confronted each other in the past, and if progress cannot be made within two weeks,Riot threatens to cancel second half of North American seasonwhich means that the LCS will not be able to participate in the World Championship this year.

The cause of the incident is that the LCS allows teams to participate in a secondary league called NACL without forming a second team. After learning of this change, most LCS teams immediately announced the disbandment of NACL teams to save money. LCSPA believes that this will not only immediately affect the livelihood of more than 70 secondary league players, coaches and managers, but also have a very negative impact on the long-term development of LCS’s future combat power and the maintenance of the LCS division’s level.

However, the reality is that NACL is far behind LCS in terms of the number of viewers and various resources. Even though NACL’s salary cost only accounts for 17% of the overall salary cost of LCS teams, it is still a big problem for Riot and most teams. Buying at a loss. In order to stand together with NACL players, LCSPA launched a “strike” action, and received the support of more than half of the 50 LCS players, asking Riot to increase financial support for NACL and increase direct interaction between NACL and LCS, such as providing players with Elevation mechanism between two alliances.

Because of this strike, the second half of the LCS season has been unable to start on June 1 as scheduled. On the one hand, Riot is looking for substitute players who are not in the LCSPA, and on the other hand, it also threatened a two-week negotiation deadline. This “strike” will undoubtedly have a far-reaching impact on the LCS division, even the entire “League of Legends”, and even other games with professional events. But unless it can be resolved quickly (probably only possible if Riot makes concessions), for the organizers, players, teams, and audiences, it can only be an all-losing situation.

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