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Riots at a protest demonstration in Brussels

In Brussels, protests against the CoV rules led to violent clashes between demonstrators and the police. Around 8,000 people took part in the protests in the Belgian capital, the police said yesterday. Fireworks and objects were thrown from one group at police officers, who used tear gas and water cannons. Six people were injured and there were 20 arrests.

The march in Brussels was initially peaceful. The participants held up signs that read “Vaccination – no, thank you”. A group of women chanted “No vaccination for our children”. Later, some demonstrators became violent, shouting “freedom, freedom” over and over again during their attacks on police officers.

According to police sources, four demonstrators and two police officers were injured in the clashes. Around 20 people were arrested. Around two weeks ago, a similar protest with around 35,000 participants led to serious riots and street battles.

Demos in several European cities

Opponents of government restrictions to combat the corona virus took to the streets in several European cities at the weekend. Nowhere else demonstrated as many as in Vienna, where over 40,000 opponents of CoV measures were counted again on Saturday. Many people protested in the Netherlands and Italy. A Christmas market was stormed in Luxembourg.

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