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Almost relegated in the previous season, Eintracht Braunschweig surprisingly succeeds in advancing to the second division. The club could hurt the former heart trainer Torsten Lieberknecht again.

In the end, the Eintracht Braunschweig players stood arm in arm after their hard-won 3-2 victory over Waldhof Mannheim in front of the big screen in the stadium on Hamburger Strasse. Because a game of the penultimate third division match day was not over due to a rain break. There the promotion competitor Duisburg played for leaders FC Bayern II, the MSV led 2-1.

But suddenly all the dams in Braunschweig broke: Leon Dajaku had kicked the ball in added time to Munich 2-2 in the MSV goal. After this tie 600 kilometers south, the Duisburg team can no longer force Braunschweig from a direct promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga; just as little as FC Ingolstadt (0-2 against Magdeburg). The Eintracht professionals then forgot all the distance rules: beer showers, jubilation dances, tears of joy – everything was there.

“It’s a piece of football history,” said Tobias Rau, former national player and now a member of the supervisory board in Braunschweig. Sports director Peter Vollmann had previously suffered “one heart attack after another”. Several thousand fans lit fireworks in front of the players who watched the spectacle at the back entrances of the grandstand. Many a car parade made the city unsafe to celebrate the return of the 1967 German champions to the second-highest league. President Sebastian Ebel sent the fans a “huge thank you”. They were “always at our side, even when the stands were empty”.

Football history is the rise of unity in several ways. On the one hand because of the club’s roller coaster ride in the past three years. In 2017, the traditional club almost returned to the Bundesliga (Braunschweig lost the relegation against its neighbor Wolfsburg), followed in 2018 by the completely surprising relegation from league two – with thoroughbred coach Torsten Lieberknecht, who is now coaching Duisburg and thus again in a supporting role on Wednesday with the Unity fate was linked. In 2019, Braunschweig prevented the fall into league four by a happy 1-1 against Cottbus on the last match day.



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