Rishi Sunak, Johnson’s Dolphin

Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer of the British Government, woke up on Thursday morning to the news that the Budget that he had presented the day before in Parliament is the best in the twelve years of polls from YouGov firm. 55% of those surveyed rate it as fair. The same firm announced that the Government of Boris Johnson leads the Labor opposition by thirteen points in the intention to vote.

Sunak He was already the favorite to replace Johnson when the prime minister was shipwrecked in the disorder and imprecision of his decisions on the pandemic and the ‘Brexit’. The success of the vaccination program has knocked out the many speculators about the resignation of the Conservative leader when it consummated the British march from the European Union. Johnson likes being prime minister again. But his apparent dolphin insists on fostering his popularity.

Before politics was hijacked by communication demiurges, the annual presentation of the Budget followed, in the British style, a sober tradition. The Chancellor of the Exchequer posed with a worn leather briefcase, containing the folios of his plan, at the door of his official residence, 11 Downing Street, before leaving for the neighboring House of Commons to read them.

There are now two Budgets, in spring and fall, and previous leaks of the measures have become the norm. Never before, however, have there been so many previews and interviews, or very expensive videos such as those displayed by this Treasury official on Twitter or Instagram. From the conservative parliamentary group, reproaches emerge. Because their accounts on social networks do not include the emblem of the party or because their ambition has to be more discreet.

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No one could predict Sunak’s success when Johnson entrusted him with the ministry on February 13 of last year.. Then, the number two of the Government was not the person in charge of the Treasury, as usual, but the guru of the prime minister, Dominic Cummings, who demanded the then minister, Sajid Javid, that his office be coordinated with that of Johnson under his direction. . Javid resigned.

Sunak accepted the conditions and had to prepare his first Budget in four weeks. It allocated 14,000 million euros to alleviate the economic impact of the pandemic. The net debt a year later has been 420,000. And it will be 270,000 in the next fiscal year. A tsunami of public money to save millions of jobs contributes to the popularity of the ministraw.


Risho Sunak was born 40 years ago in Southampton, into a family based in the United Kingdom since her grandmother sold her wedding jewelery in Tanzania. to buy a ticket without returning to the country that fascinated him. She was employed as an accountant and was able to pay with her savings the passage of her husband and her three children. One of them, Shuna, studied Pharmacy. He married a doctor, Yashvir Sunak.

Rishi grew up in an Indian community, which is the largest ethnic minority in the UK, one and a half million according to the latest census., and that shows some differences with respect to others of Asian, African or Caribbean origin. British Indians do better academically and are more likely to vote for the Conservative Party.

Outstanding student, his parents paid for the 40,000 euros a year for the private school in Winchester. From there he went to the University of Oxford, where he studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics., the frequent race among contemporary British politicians. He studied business management at Stanford. At the Californian university he met his wife, Ashkata, the daughter of an Indian billionaire. It was used in investment banking.

In 2014 he decided to enter politics because, as explained, the example of his parents prompted him to dedicate himself to social issues. He was elected as a candidate in a white, rural constituency, Richmond, which has had Conservative MPs since 1910. He has a perpetually secured seat, a private fortune, and cordial, open manners. He stands out in his interviews for actually answering what is asked of him.

He is now the unrivaled candidate to replace Johnson. But already on Friday the measures of his Budget were put into question. His cocktail of spending today and austerity tomorrow will pass the filters of various conjunctures before it can be seriously predicted that he will be prime minister. Because the challenge of economic recovery is also great for a Sunak who advocated the success of ‘Brexit’.


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