world Rishi Sunak, the "junior" minister in charge of UK...

Rishi Sunak, the “junior” minister in charge of UK Finance


Rishi Sunak is a 39-year-old who at first sight attracts attention for his frank smile. Very intelligent and temperate, he was appointed as a substitute for Sajid Javid, who resigned yesterday as a finance minister and head of the Treasury of the United Kingdom after being asked to fire his team of advisors, which he refused . Sunak served as his second-in-command since July last year, with the post of Secretary of the Treasury. The appointment reaches Sunak as another step in his meteoric career within the conservative party, in which he has been a deputy since 2015.

Sunak has his own website, where he talks with a lot of respect and affection about his parents, a couple of Indian origin who emigrated to the United Kingdom, where he and his three brothers were born. He was born in 1980 in Southampton, Hampshire, and says that it is in the example of his parents that he relies on to seek to help people. «I grew up watching my parents serve our community with dedication. My father was a family doctor of the NHS (acronym in English of the national health service) and my mother had her own pharmacy, ”he explains on his website. And he adds that “I wanted to make that same positive difference for people as a member of Parliament.” In addition, he thanks them for the effort and sacrifice they made in order to give him a privileged education. “I was lucky enough to study at Winchester College, Oxford University and Stanford University, and that experience changed my life and, as a result, I am passionate about working so that everyone has access to an excellent education.”

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It was precisely in his school years when he began to get involved in educational projects and programs and even in volunteer work. In college he studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics, as well as an MBA at Stanford University. He subsequently worked at Goldman Sachs, until he decided to start his own investment company. On one of his many trips, in California, he found love. «I met my wife, Akshata, in California, where we lived for several years before returning home. We have two daughters, Krishna and Anoushka, who keep us busy and entertained, ”says the young entrepreneur, who enjoys his free time staying“ fit ”, playing cricket, enjoying football and watching movies. In addition, he is a Star Wars fan. Akshata, meanwhile, is the daughter of a billionaire Indian businessman and studied Economics and French in the United States.

Proud to be a “first generation” immigrant, he loves British multiculturalism and is a convinced Brexit, who campaigned for the “Leave”. He is one of the “fans” of Boris Johnson, and it seems that the admiration is mutual. He is not known public enemies and had a fantastic relationship with his now ex-chief Sajid Javid, from whom he learned a lot from what he needs to know now that he has taken office. .


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