Rising billions into the sea, ‘treasure’ | What is Ambergris

Not only of gold in Kannur ∙, major trafficking in India. The smuggling of rare ambargrisum and India. The international price of ambergris, also known as floating gold, is between Rs 1 crore and Rs 2 crore per kg. The use of sugandhadravyannalilan. A regular product in speculation. Vettayatunnumunt ambargrisinayi the huge whales.

a sea of ​​gold,

Sperm whales have formed inside, ambargris the solid material. Scientists around the world have no idea how ambergris, also known as whale vomit, is formed inside a whale. Because, nothing else. It forms in the stomach of the sperm whale. The sperm whale is one of the rare mammals that has not been captured by humans for study. Today, the world’s largest jiviyanit sledge. This is one of the largest whale jagged mansabheaji. Giant squids (giant squirrels) and giant cuttlefish (giant squid) are the main prey of the sperm whale. The big brain timingalattinretan Sperm kantettiyatilvacc in the world today.


When spam whales hit the Indonesian coast. File Photo: AFP

On the whole this is a deep nanakkaranan. Other jivikaluteyea human sperm whale has the ability to olinnumaranulla munnilppettalum strategy. Researchers are studying a number of tools in the world, only irupatiltale. Ivayepparriyulla is thus limited study reports. Researchers have been working for years to find out how they interact with each other in the deep sea. The success it has seen so far. Leakattinullat scientific analysis aimed at the only available samples in the case of ambargrisinre. At the same time, the use of what’s in the clear uttaramuntutanum ambargrisinre.

the potential of the

Spam whales are found up to a kilometer deep in the ocean. Sperm is the only mammal living in such deep timingalaman. Inside the scalp and squid, there is a large tongue with chitin. Our nails are also made of chitin. It is common for spam whales to injure their stomachs with this tongue. To address this, the squid tongue covers the sperm whale with secretions from glands, including the pancreas. The glandular gradually become bigger clots ambargris.

In spite of the exact size, how many, how many, how much time naletukkumennea kitakkumennea vareyanennatinea in the stomach. Ambargrisilninnu tongues is often found squid. Scientists say one more thing: sperm whale is the largest of the giant kanavayeyea encounter giant kuntalineyea vettayatumpealullatakam to walk on land and sea. That’s what wounds are found to be inflicted on a sperm whale.

How purattettunnu?

Scientists say the sperm whale ambargris shpenoid samudramatsya research in the region of the body for long. But, for them clarity about how much time. Excreted in regular excretion or vomiting. Low density, peannikkitakkum the sea.

What about ambergris?

Alkkaleaydukal, acids, and cholesterol similar to the Amber have been found to contain ambargrisil.

for what?

Used in spices. Ambergris is a fixative that retains the aroma of spices for a long time. Sugandhadravyannalil the same for something to use our candanattailam.

Hunting is also powerful

Ambergris is in great demand in the Gulf countries. Gulf countries to get the price of Rs 2 crore per kg. The demand increase, and the increase in smuggling of sperm whale hunted ambargrisinre the world. Many fishermen in different parts of the world have received ambergris. Sperm whale in India as part of the schedule to the Wildlife Act 2, will be saved, is punishable to transfer possession of replacing ambargris. Sperm whale asvasamakunnearu news: ambargrisinu producing the same or similar chemical labs. But, he continued vettayatalukal for organic ambargrisinu. Through the Gujarat coast in India in the smuggling of the main ambargris.




uhakkaccatavatavum fraud

Smuggling, speculation and fraud are not uncommon, in the name of ambergris. BRW kettateate stories, as usual, is active in this sector will lead the scenes. Many have been scammed in the name of fake ambergris. Like silver owls and cobras, ambergris can be a new scam. Note that whether or not kaccavatattinirannunnavar tattippayalum ambargris: get bail, even though the actual ambargrisumayi were captured.

English Summary: What is Ambergris and how this ‘Whale Vomit’ Smuggling Connected to India and Kerala?


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