Rising electricity prices: PV panel installers receive many more demands

With the constant increases in recent weeks in energy prices, more and more homes are considering equipping themselves with photovoltaic panels. Professionals in the sector are bombarded with requests. The waiting times for installation are therefore extended.

Silvio is an installer of photovoltaic panels. When we visit him, he talks by videoconference with 15 potential clients. He currently has twice as many as in the summer. Most have a pressing demand. “For the first time, I feel in people this stress to quickly find a solution to control the electricity budget, because we do not know where we are going”, this Silvio.

This installer makes 20% more quotes. Didier called on Silvio. His electricity bill is currently 150 euros per month. “It’s time to put up signs,” he considers.

The influx of requests inevitably leads to increased delays. If you order panels today, they will be installed in February. “Do not panic, it is not in winter that photovoltaic panels produce the most. Whether you have your installation in February, March or April does not change much”.

As we know, the world price of most materials has increased. Those used for panels are no exception. It takes 10 to 15% more for the price of the panels.

It is estimated that it takes 5 to 7 years to make an installation profitable.

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