“Rising Global Recognition: The Impact of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s International Diplomacy”

2023-05-29 17:03:35


# Rajeev Chandrasekhar (Central Electronics, IT, Skill Development, (Joint Minister, Industries Department)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently visited Japan, Australia and Papua New Guinea. During the last 9 years, visits to The world’s view of India and Indian values ​​in India Admiration of Rana Samvidhanam and respect for Modi’s leadership A powerful example of how far it has risen and grown. It is Ranam.

During the meeting held in mid-May, more than 40 people from different communities 3 in cum interventions and more than a dozen bilateral meetings. The Prime Minister participated in the meetings.

Great respect and admiration for India among world leaders The whole trip was full of amazing events.

At the dinner held during Modi’s US visit The letter he received requesting them to participate. President Joe Biden, who spoke fondly of the scandal, Imagine the moment Dhan Mantri asked Modi for his autograph Do it!

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marap at the airport Touching Modi as a mark of respect was the final gesture of his welcome. Remember the importance!!

Australian Prime Minister calls Modi “The Boss” and Vikhya Tamaya Sydney Opera House Tricolor Flag Think about the grain!!!

New traveled to Australia just to meet Narendra Modi See the message given by Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins.

It should be noted that these are not moments that are always seen in history. All these states are always and always at odds with each other, or with India. It should be noted that there is no need to agree with Ryan. But, in terms of the importance given and given to Modi, A All had equal harmony.

Moments when the state stood tall

During this journey, many honors which are unprecedented for India. are also available. Papua New Guinea and Fiji to the highest honor of their respective states India was honored by Kal Modi.

For fighting for the unity of the Pacific Island States and the Global South A Papua New Guinea to Prime Minister Modi for providing leadership to the goal of They were honored with the Order of Logoh award. Only a few non-permanent residents of Papua New Guinea May has received this award; Bill Clinton for example.

of your kingdom in recognition of his global leadership Most Honorable Companion of the Order of Fiji Modi was honored by the Fijian Prime Minister. Only a few non-locals have received this honor before. It’s okay.

During a visit to Australia, Sydney’s Harris Park was named ” Renamed as “Little India” is another boon for India. It is Humati.

By highlighting the importance of India and the Indian Diaspora, the Sangh The Australian Prime Minister during the reception of the tipped citizen Dhana Mantri walked hand in hand with Modi. The leader of the opposition, the foreign minister and the former prime minister started We have also seen many celebrities do research on both of them.

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Marape called Prime Minister Modi “The It was another epochal moment when he was hailed as the ‘global leader of Kshina Bhagat’. This shows us how much respect the world has to look at India. Prime Minister Modi’s global leadership and global standing This is another confirmation of Ram increasing.

Great advancement of Indian culture, values ​​and ethics Hill added, these visits. Opportunity to share Indian culture, values ​​and ethics Prime Minister Modi has successfully facilitated international forums. It is also noteworthy that Yogidu.

Installation of statue of Mahatma Gandhi who was a perfect non-violence There is no better place than Hiroshima, Japan. By unveiling Gandhiji’s statue there, Hiroshima Sundar Those who learn will listen to Gandhiji’s message of non-violence. Modi was making sure. Gandhi inaugurated many of them around the world during his various travels. This is one of the statues.

Prominent work in Tamil to talk spin, the language of Papua New Guineans Yaya “Thirukkaral” made the youth of those days famous as Indians. Helps to bond with spiritual values ​​and culture and

G7, Forum for India-Pacific wearing recycled materials FIC ISLANDS COOPERATION (FIPIC) INITIATED HIGH COURTS He contributed to India’s commitment to values ​​of sustainability. A symbol of commitment and Narendra Modi’s own life message. Yi. India at Prime Minister’s Lunch for FIPC Leaders There were also recipes based on cooking methods.

In his gifts to world leaders, Indian culture, He is especially focused on highlighting the tribal culture.

Diplomatic excellence

During this meeting, the heads of the 3 Supreme Courts viz., QUAD, FIPIC and G7 Namantri Modi was involved. He has raised India in more than 40 meetings. Prime Minister two dozen through summits and bipartisan meetings Exchange of ideas with many prominent world leaders Burned.

Only participated in the public event held in Sydney, Australia. 20,000 of them are Indians. Blaming others or belittling the state in international arenas Unlike show leaders, the Prime Minister’s role Sangam used to focus only on India’s success stories.

Countries visited including Japan, Papua New Guinea and Australia Front pages of all media are full of news about Modi. Yuka also did.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was born poor and rose to become a universal leader. The continuing struggle inspires other nations and peoples of the world. The gift is also the model.

The rule of India, which has become the largest democracy in the world, A popular and fast-growing asset Its rise as a system is accepted by the people and the leaders. Singing and praising.

Top 3 countries in the world from 5th largest economy India’s rise to the top will be inevitable and rapid. India has transformed from a poor developing nation to a developed nation. It will be in the coming decades.

Unlike some other states, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s key Peace to all the people of this exalted world of shining India, a It will be one that ensures age, development and stability. Proclaim itself to the world and recognize it as an Indian nation. and doing

Different states compete for global recognition and respect. In the world, a lively and accurate picture of India’s progress Presentation is critical. Diverse culture, vibrant population, fast pace India’s economic growth is based on Gola Nila is built.

World leaders praise for strengthening international relations Our economy is about taking and attracting bids. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership in expanding Vastha Diplomatic efforts also play a crucial role. E is emerging as a respected and respected global player. Enabling India.

Key Conversations for India’s Future

Making India the World’s Best Nikshepa Center International Business Expert as part of Runna’s ongoing efforts Business and formal discussions with individuals and organizations The Prime Minister also gave priority to the related round table conferences. Ki. Scientists, academics, artists of the states he visited He also held meetings with people and cultural talents. came

Among those who met him in Australia Brian Paul Schmidt, Nobel Laureate in Applied Physics Yunnathingane – “One of the most remarkable leaders India has ever seen. Food Minister Modi. From the US President to the first-timers In the same way, his activities are special. India’s ability to do modern science will make it a world order. Laughing”.

India is the most unusual democracy in the world. U is an example of how India can do things on its own. PI stands for Artificial Intelligence at the University of New South Wales. Legends Professor Toby Walsh talks about Narendra Modi.

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