Risk of an upcoming Israeli strike against Iran in the event of diplomatic failure?

With less than a week before the resumption of talks between Tehran and the West on Iranian nuclear power, tensions are mounting a notch. Israel having carried out military maneuvers in the Red Sea in recent days jointly with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, its two new Gulf allies.

With the approach of the relaunch scheduled for November 29 of talks on Iranian nuclear power between Iran and the great powers, the main countries concerned are raising the stakes, amid fears of a new diplomatic failure.

After Iran’s announcement in early November of its new stockpile of enriched uranium, having almost doubled, the Israeli naval forces have carried out joint security operations in recent days with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in the Red Sea in the presence of an American warship.

These maneuvers “Aim to send a strong warning to Iran, which has recently organized its own major military maneuvers, and to emphasize strategic alliances” between Israel and certain Gulf countries, which signed historic agreements in September 2020 to normalize their relations (Abraham’s Accords), believes the BBC.

According to the British media outlet, the Israeli government has allocated $ 1.5 billion to prepare its armed forces for a possible strike against Iranian nuclear sites.

Ambient pessimism

The risk of Israel resorting to the military option increases as hopes for a new Iran nuclear deal “Fade”, according to New York Times.

“Five months ago, US negotiators seemed optimistic” as to a possible resurrection of the historic agreement concluded in 2015 with Iran, at a standstill


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