Risk of flooding in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg

Dhe heavy rain in many places of the past few days continues in large parts of Germany until at least the middle of the week. The German Weather Service (DWD) expects continuous rain, especially in the south and west. Up to 40 liters of rain per square meter fall there from Sunday to Wednesday, and up to 60 liters from the Saarland to the Upper Rhine and in the Allgäu. In the middle and north, the rain turns into snow. “The water levels on the rivers remain at a high level,” said a DWD meteorologist on Saturday in Offenbach.

In the past three days, according to the DWD, up to 50 liters of rain fell per square meter in the south, west and middle. In Central and Eastern Hesse, the Eifel, the Black Forest and the Allgäu, it was 50 to 90 liters. Together with the melting of the snow up to the high altitude of the mountains, this led to floods in many places.

Man rescued from the floods near Karlsruhe

High water levels in the southwest caused the roads to be flooded and hindered shipping. A 35-year-old man was surprised by the flood on Friday evening on the banks of the Rhine in Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen (Karlsruhe district), the police said. The man was up to his waist in the water, could no longer free himself in the dark and called for help with his cell phone. Rescue workers from the German Life Saving Society (DLRG), fire brigade and water police were on duty with a helicopter and two boats and were able to get the 35-year-old unharmed into the dry. It was initially unclear whether the homeless man had been surprised by the water in his sleep.

The Rotach river bursts its banks just before it flows into Lake Constance.

Image: dpa

Only a few kilometers upstream, shipping on the Rhine was stopped near Karlsruhe. According to the flood forecast center (HVZ) Baden-Württemberg, the water level of 7.5 meters was exceeded on Saturday night at the Maxau gauge. On Saturday morning the Rhine had a water level of more than 8 meters. The experts expect the water in Maxau to rise to 8.30 meters by Saturday evening.


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