Rita Dakota showed what Dengue fever looks like

The singer is in a hospital in Indonesia.

Rita Dakota. Photo: Telegram/riitadakotatelega

performer Rita Dakota published photos from a hospital room in an Indonesian hospital. The celebrity appeared with a bright red face, which was the result of a high temperature.

Note that recently Rita got in touch with fans. In the video, Dakota was crying and talking about her illness. Doctors gave her a preliminary diagnosis: typhoid fever.

The performer could not even imagine that she would be lying with typhoid fever in a hospital in Bali. Rita Dakota admitted that she wants to be at home with her family.

And after Rita found out about the real diagnosis. And then the singer showed how she looked at that time.

Rita’s face was very red from the heat, and her bones ached from the fever.

Rita Dakota.  Photo: Telegram/riitadakotatelega
Rita Dakota during illness. Photo: Telegram/riitadakotatelega

“This is five minutes after that video. Look at the complexion. This fever has begun. The temperature is 40 already, and a very plaintive look, ”wrote Rita Dakota in her personal Telegram channel.

Recall that earlier Rita Dakota spoke about her real diagnosis, which she was given by Indonesian doctors. The artist got infected dengue fever.

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