Rizky Billar Wants Happy Birthday to Lesty, Dinda Hauw’s comments make a mess

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Merdeka.com – Rizky Billiards say happy birthday to the woman who is rumored to be close to her ie Lesty Kejora. On the instagram page, Rizky upload a portrait with Lesty and write a prayerful message.

Word Rizky, at this moment of Lesty’s age, hopefully he can inspire many people and remain a pleasant person. Uploads Rizky was successful in stealing the attention of many netizens.

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Birthday Greetings For Lesty

Hilariously, Rizky not only uploaded a portrait with Lesty. He also uploaded a video while singing with Lesty’s song ‘Terlena’ which was popularized by Ikke Nurjanah. However, they sang with laughter.

Happy birthday, Dd @lestykejora may always be healthy, remain an inspiration for many people and remain a pleasant person. Bonus slide 2, ANJAY greetings from us, “Rizky said on Instagram.

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Amen from Lesty

Rizky’s upload was replied by Lesty by writing the word Amin very long. Lesty’s comment stole the attention and prayed for an immediate match.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnm, “Lesty wrote.

rizky billiards

Instagram @rizkybillar © 2020 Merdeka.com

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Comments Dinda Hauw

In the upload that directly got 600 thousand likes from citizens and there are more than 30 thousand comments it also turned out to get attention from Dinda Hauw, a woman who is rumored to have been very close to Rizky.

Dinda’s comment on Rizky’s upload was immediately highlighted. Moreover, Dinda’s comments also led to Rizky who allegedly told him about Lesty.

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So this is what the story wants to pray about in the third night?“said Dinda Hauw.

Anjaaay Don’t treat Din,“Rizky answered.

rizky billiards

Instagram @rizkybillar © 2020 Merdeka.com

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Citizens were immediately excited and prayed for Rizky and Lesty to be married. Rizky was prayed for immediately following Dinda, who had already married a handsome, handsome man, Rey Mbayang.

Just pray, hopefully quickly “overtake them,“said @rabillanrhytii_.

Just pray, I hope you learn to make love … Amen,said @ ima.imong.

Please help pray that these two good kids will be put together,kata @patriadyah.



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