RKI reports more than 15,500 new cases

The number of newly reported corona infections is slightly lower than a week ago, reports the Robert Koch Institute. Another important value is increasing.

As expected, the health authorities have the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) with 15,741 new corona infections reported within 24 hours, comparatively few cases. Compared to the value a week ago, this is 1206 fewer infections, as RKI data from Sunday morning shows. Last Sunday the number was 16,947. The peak was reached on Friday with 23,648 reported cases.

The numbers are comparatively low on Sundays and Mondays because, according to the RKI, fewer samples are taken on the weekend and therefore fewer tests are performed overall.

After the number of new infections every day rose sharply in October and early November, the value has recently been comparatively stable. However, there has not yet been a significant decline in new infections, although a partial lockdown has been in place in Germany since the beginning of November.

R-value continues to rise

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the RKI has counted a total of 918,269 detected infections with Sars-CoV-2 in Germany (as of November 22, 00:00). The number of deaths related to the virus rose by 138 to a total of 14,022 by Sunday. The RKI estimates that around 603,800 people have now recovered.

According to the RKI situation report on Saturday, the so-called seven-day R was 1.07 (previous day: 1.05). This means that, on average, every person who is infected with SARS-CoV-2 infects approximately one more person. The value represents the occurrence of the infection 8 to 16 days ago. If it is below 1 for a long time, the infection process subsides.


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