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Road freight transportation returned to growth – Business – Kommersant

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According to the ATI.SU freight exchange, in the second quarter, and especially in June, the situation with freight traffic began to stabilize, as did their prices. Among the external directions, Ukrainian is the leader in terms of dynamics. Transportation along this route increased by almost 280% due to the supply of construction, humanitarian cargo and equipment to the republics of the DPR and LPR, as well as to the Kherson region and the export of vegetables and grain from them.

Freight transportation exchange ATI.SU notes that by June the situation with road freight transportation in Russia began to stabilize. In the second quarter, according to the exchange, the number of applications for transportation within the country increased by 19% compared to the first quarter. In April, in annual terms, there was a decrease (minus 9%), in May there was an increase (by 10%), and it noticeably accelerated in June (37%). There has also been some stabilization in transportation prices: after a significant spring decrease in June, rates stopped and even slightly increased.

In the context of sanctions and restrictions for Russian carriers in Europe, the number of applications for export transportation decreased by 7% compared to the first quarter, but in annual terms, export transportation is still showing growth (15%). According to ATI.SU, in the second quarter, compared to the first, transportation from Russia to the Ukrainian direction increased – to the republics of the DPR and LPR, as well as to the territories of Ukraine controlled by Russian troops (by 279%). Deliveries to Armenia (137%) and Turkey (103%) also increased, the demand for transportation to China, Georgia, and Azerbaijan also increased noticeably. In general, according to ATI.SU, in the second quarter of this year, there was a noticeable increase in cargo traffic to the DPR, LPR and Kherson region: “Building materials, humanitarian aid, equipment were mainly delivered there, and vegetables and grain from there.”

Demand for transportation to Russia is also growing at an impressive pace: in the second quarter, the increase compared to the first was 45%, and in annual terms – 53%. And here the largest contribution was made by June (growth by 126%). “The number of shipments to Russia from Armenia (by 321%) and Kazakhstan (by 291%), as well as from Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Georgia, has significantly increased,” ATI.SU notes, adding that China shows relatively modest results ( twenty%).

“At first glance, the growth in the number of requests for transportation looks paradoxical against the backdrop of data on a serious reduction in imports,” says Svyatoslav Vilde, founder and director of ATI.SU. “We attribute this to the fact that the volume of shipping has significantly decreased, and businesses are trying to replace them predominantly by road. For example, we saw a significant increase in demand for transportation to St. Petersburg (by 93%) and the Leningrad Region (by 81%), that is, these regions may be trying to compensate for the loss of sea cargo through road transport.” In addition, he adds, the growth in June suggests that businesses have managed to restructure their supply chains to some extent, “including parallel imports.”

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