Robbery and outrage charges in UFC’s most controversial fight

Ecuadorian boxer Marlon «Chito» Vera did not take his defeat at UFC Fight Night this Saturday in Jacksonville, Florida. Vera lost by unanimous decision to the Chinese Song Yadong when he assumed that he had won the match. His disbelief and anger upon hearing the result was such that he refused to shake hands with his rival.

In a very even match, Vera managed to knock Yadong down in the third and final round, which seemed definitive for the final luck of the lawsuit. However, the judges saw it differently, and gave the Asian advantage on the cards.

In stellar combat, Alistair Overeem bested Walt Harris by K.O. in the second round, although he was close to being defeated shortly after the fight started. Harris brought down Overeem in the first episode and had the former title contender in serious trouble.

However, Overeem was able to stand up and take down Harris. Overeem almost finished with Harris at the end of the first round, but Harris survived.

In the second episode, Overeem managed a big kick to the head that brought down Harris. Overeem recovered Harris’s back and punished him with a series of punches until referee Dan Miragliotta stepped in to end the bout. .

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