Robe Iniesta’s new song to encourage our confinement: «I’ll stay with you here»

Extremoduro’s farewell tour, which was to begin in May, had to be postponed “to September, next year or whenever, but we are going to play the hell out of it,” said Roberto Iniesta. The leader of the band knows that his fans were eager to see him again singing the old classics of his repertoire (in fact, the tickets flew in a matter of minutes), and that’s why he wanted to have a detail with his fans in the middle of this terrible health crisis.

«I hope you will take it as well as possible. I would like to give you a little encouragement, “says Iniesta in a text posted on the Extremoduro official website. “I will surely regret this video, but it doesn’t matter. Fortunately, in my life, I have done many things that I later regretted. The song, which begins with chords reminiscent of “So clown”, contains verses very appropriate for these days, such as the one that opens the lyrics: “The world now seems stopped”. .

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