Robert Plant thinks Paul McCartney should join the Rolling Stones

Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin thinks he knows how the Beatles and The Rolling Stones can resolve their long feud.

The two groups have often lashed out at each other in the media over the years, most notably a few weeks ago when Paul McCartney called Mick Jagger and his fellow bands a “blues cover band.”

Mick Jagger himself responded to the ex-Beatles’ comments at a concert in Los Angeles, humorously stating, “There are so many celebrities here tonight. Megan Fox is here, she’s very nice. Leonardo DiCpario. Lady Gaga. Kirk Douglas. Paul McCartney is here, he’s going to help us – he’s going to help us sing a blues cover later. ”

Mick insisted, however, that there is no real competition between the two groups.

Despite this, Robert Plant still gave his opinion on this “feud” by suggesting that Paul McCartney join the Stones.

“I don’t think there is much of a fight,” the singer said as part of the latest episode of Rolling Stone Music Now. “They’ve known each other since 1963. They love each other desperately. But if there was really something, Paul should just play bass with the Stones.”

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