Roberto Baradel also criticized Soledad Acuña and asked that she leave office

In the midst of the controversy unleashed by the statements of the Buenos Aires Minister of Education Soledad Acuña and the harsh answer of the holder of the national educational portfolio, Nicolas Trotta, the secretary general of Suteba, Roberto Baradel, also pointed against the official and maintained that “is not in a position to hold the position“.

“It is unfortunate that a Minister of Education denigrate and stigmatize teachers as Soledad Acuña has done, “Baradel said in an interview with Telam.

And he continued with his criticisms: “It is very serious that it encourages denunciation and denunciation of teachers who teach for what they teach. That refers to the darkest times of our country.”

In addition, in statements to FuturockBaradel insisted that “without any doubt, is not up to the job he holdsAsked whether they should request his resignation from office, he specified that “it was requested by the comrades of the City and it is a decision of the Head of Government.”

“If she is in charge of an area where those fundamental protagonists who are students and teachers, she permanently denigrates, offends them, does not listen to them and acts in an authoritarian way, not the right person for the job“.

Acuna had targeted the teachers that militate and called to “denounce” when there are acts of “indoctrination” in schools.

The minister ignited the controversy by noting that one of the great problems of education “has to do with the roots, with the training and profile of those who choose to study, who they choose the military instead of teaching“.

And he continued: “The left has taken on a very large force where, in addition, the profile of the students has an increasingly clear bias. This is the same throughout the country and is reflected in the surveys carried out by the national government, there are people each older people who choose the teaching career as a third or fourth option after having failed in other careers “.

“For her and for them (by Together for Change) The workers, the low-income sectors in general are relegated to certain occupations in society, and cannot progress or occupy places such as the teacher, the doctor, the architect or the engineer, “said Baradel.

In addition, the head of Suteba recalled: “(The former governor) Maria Eugenia Vidal He said that it was not fair for the State to invest in universities’ because the poor will never go to university. They believe that the poor don’t have to go to college. “

The response of the Buenos Aires government

The Buenos Aires government also joined in the criticism of Acuña. He was the chief of staff, Carlos Bianco who questioned her statements by claiming that the provincial Executive think “the opposite” to her.

“We think that our teachers have made a tremendous effort throughout this year, almost that they learned a new trade which is teaching through telematic means, with new tasks and new obligations, such as preparing booklets, reviewing homework, participating in the delivery of the food bags, going to the homes of those students who had a problem with pedagogical continuity, “said Bianco.

And he added: “I am encouraged to say that they were teachers and psychologists. Their work has been multiplied by three or four. We are proud and grateful for the task that our teachers have carried out. Acuña did not refer to the teachers of the Autonomous City but made reference to all the country’s teachers in a somewhat prejudiced way. our position is the opposite“.



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