Sport Roberto Bermúdez de Castro joins the Villalia Series of...

Roberto Bermúdez de Castro joins the Villalia Series of J80


With the organization of the Royal Yacht Club of Vigo and the J70 Class, the units of this monotype, with greater weight in the Spanish landscape, as well as other latitudes in Portugal and Finland, meet in Galician waters. The fifth act will close the winter chapter of these Villalia Series … will be two days, the first one on Saturday from half past one in the afternoon, with a total of four planned sleeves.

The leadership at the moment is in the hands of the Cantabrian patron José María “Pichu” Torcida with his “News” of the Royal Maritime Club of Santander. The mountaineer has an excellent crew, which include Luis Martín Cabíedes (Madrid), Robin Imaz (Jávea-Alicante), Francisco Palacios (Gijón) and Pablo Santurde (Santander) … the advantage of “News” is significant: 10 points .

In the second place Gonzalo Araújo, one of the best Galician and Spanish patrons, with a crew of the Nautical Vigo in its entirety. The Lucense, has Jacobo Vecino, Juan Debén, the two-time world champion and member of the “Bribón” of Don Juan Carlos Alberto Viejo, and Eloy Ruiloba… Araújo has not thrown in the towel and wants to unseat Torcida from the leadership.

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World News :

The Luis Pérez Canal ourensano closes the podium, with a crew between the Vigo Yacht and the Canido Maritime … “Abril Verde” has 79 points … with one plus one of the young Spanish sailing rods with a tremendous future projection … who was part of the Young America’s Cup team in Spain and will be at the Sail GP World Circuit this year … in the “Marnatura 1” he has Enrique Freire as the second cane.

In the fifth place “Patakín” of the Club de Mar de Mallorca, with Luis Albert at the controls, already very distant to 35 points of the quartet that rules in rough waters. In definitive appointment of high flights with the Villalia Series, with a great atmosphere and about twenty J70 monotypes from practically all of Spain. .


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