Roberto Carlos (2/4): “Kylian Mbappé? Real Madrid have not approached any player under contract ”

What about the possible arrival of Kylian Mbappé at Real Madrid?

I am a huge fan of Kylian Mbappé. I thank him very much for putting me in his historic eleven. He is a very important player for the football world. We talk a lot about him at Real Madrid. However, he has a contract with PSG and our philosophy is first and foremost centered on what the player wants. So far, we haven’t approached any contracted players.

How do you see the evolution of Neymar at PSG?

Neymar becomes a reference to PSG. It’s clear that playing with Mbappé makes things easier. Neymar is a great player, he is improving game after game. I hope he will continue in this dynamic, in Ligue 1 as in the Champions League. Because one day perhaps, PSG will imitate a team like Chelsea and will go to the end in an important competition like the Champions League. I am happy for Neymar, for the way he plays and the joy he gives off while playing. I’m sure the French are very happy with him.

Why have you never played in France?

I have an image very related to Real Madrid. In our professional life, we never say “no”. I am already very happy that people often mention my name with you. Before as a player, now as a sports director to work with other teams. But I am very happy here in Madrid.

to summarize

During a press day organized as part of his “Football For Friendship” social action, Roberto Carlos spoke exclusively to Onze Mondial.

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