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Roberto Palazuelos: when he was kidnapped as a child in the United States and even the FBI intervened | Mexico | MX | Celebs | nnda nnlt | FAME

The actor He is one of the most famous businessmen in Mexico, but during his life he has had to go through different situations, some good and others not so pleasant. One of these cases was when he was kidnapped in the United States as a child, a fact that mobilized the police authorities and even the FBI itself.

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The life of , currently, It is full of luxuries and eccentric properties in Mexico that little by little the actor was able to obtain based on his work and his knowledge in the business world. Palazuelos is remembered for having participated in successful Mexican productions that became the favorites of the public.

One of his recent acquisitions has been a mansion in Acapulco, located in the state of Guerrero and that place is known as “Casa Ensenada”. It is the exclusive Las Brisas subdivision, between the Port of Acapulco and Puerto Marqués. Another characteristic of the place is that it has areas for sunbathing and the living room of the house includes an uncovered area.

Roberto Palazuelos is a close friend of Andrés García.

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The life of it has been full of many surprises. Precisely, the actor and businessman revealed in an interview – a few months ago – on the show Omar Rafael Chaparro Alvídrez, known as , who was abducted as a child in the United States.

She was very young (my mother) when she got pregnant, so she went to live in Acapulco, she had a modeling career, she was doing very well, and suddenly, well, she was stuck there in Acapulco, living with a very traditional family”, Expressed Palazuelos.

He also noted that his mother took him to USA and that was where this event would occur.

My mother arrives in New York, with her parents, and then they say to her: hey, what are you doing here? No, I don’t want to be there anymore, and I brought the child. Hey, that’s kidnapping, the child is Mexican, you’re married under the laws of Mexico, and they tell him: you can’t stay here, you go home with your husband“Said the actor.

His mother took refuge in the state of New Orleans next to him, and found a waitress job. While she worked, Roberto was cared for by a 15-year-old nanny.

Roberto Palazuelos is a great Mexican businessman.
Roberto Palazuelos is a great Mexican businessman.

My grandfather organized an intelligence work, and they had the whole thing measured, at what time he arrived and more, then when he left, to avoid wasting time, my father arrived and knocked on the door, and some trusted people of my grandfather, and they told them they were coming to fix a gas thing, and the little girl opened and they got in, gagged her, locked her in the closet and took me out”, He revealed.

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After what happened in the USA a They returned him to his country, Mexico. Great was the surprise of her mother when she arrived home and found the nanny gagged and immediately called the FBI, according to the businessman.

My father was sitting on a Mexican plane, already flying to Mexico, already in Mexican territory, and by radio the FBI asked them to make sure if Roberto Palazuelos sir and the boy were on the plane, and they said yes, there they were, well Well, the child is kidnapped, the child is an American citizen and return the plane, and then the pilot tells him, well, here is the Mexican passport here is the birth certificate, here is the marriage certificate, the child is not American , it is more mexican than chili”, He sentenced.

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