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Shatakshi Asthana | | Updated: Mar 820,: 05: PM IS

Helps fight corona

Doctors and nurses from all over the world fight the corona virus. The number of patients is increasing and in such a situation more and more medical personnel are needed. Given this problem, a hospital in Ireland has decided to use robots. In this hospital, robots do computer work so that nurses can save time and devote maximum time to patient care.
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According to Daily Mail, robot management and computers at Mater Mizzricordy University Hospital, Dublin, the job is usually done by nurses. The software developers UiPath have already worked on this and are also used when the Corona virus is detected. It is believed that nurses than this 74817873% give patients more time.

Where in India, how much corona spreads can be found in the full list here


  • चीन

    Case: 27, 100 Death: 3, Healed: 26, 472

  • इटली

    Case: 16, Death: 6, Healed: 8, 100

  • स्पेन

    Case: 04, Death: 564 Healed:

  • स्पेन

    Case: 16, 428 Death: 3, healed: 5, 137

  • जर्मनी

    Case:, 400 Death: 75 Fixed: 3,

  • स्विजरलैंड

    Case:, 26 Death: 2, 05 Healed: 8, 730

  • फ्रांस

    Case:, 135 Death: 1, Healed: 1, 367

  • Case: 9, 75 Death: 33 Hardened: 3, 564

  • स्विजरलैंड

    Case: 9, 593 Death: Healed: 4


  • ये तीन काम कर आप कोरोना से जीत सकते हैं!

    Cases: 8, 41 Death: OK Done:

Hospital, helpline … All help for Corona here

Communication will be easy
This robot COVID You can also analyze results and make them available to doctors and patients worldwide. Robot experts say they should also be trained to disinfect, measure temperature, and collect swabs (samples). Currently 1 in Ireland, 428 people are corona virus positive and 9 have died.


ये तीन काम कर आप कोरोना से जीत सकते हैं!

You can win with Corona by doing these three things! Bollywood celebrities guide fans in their own way. I try to tell the fans how they can escape Corona. How to win Corona. Each celebrity explains to fans in their own style. Yes, Amitabh Bachchan spoke about the fight against Corona, while Amitabh Bachchan also gave special advice. Akshay Kumar expressed his anger at people and also explained the meaning of lockdown. Varun Sharma appealed not to leave the house. Let’s see what the celebrities have to say.


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