Rob’s family ends up with a two-meter-high fence… inches from his window! (Photo)

For Michael, relations no longer pass with his neighbor Rob. So he had a 2.5-meter wooden barrier installed between the two houses in Portslade, England.

For Rob, 38, this barrier is hell because of the proximity to his house, reports The Sun. He can now only open three windows, the others being blocked by the barrier located 30 centimeters from his home. In addition, the 38-year-old Englishman said the lack of natural light in his living room and two bedrooms disturbs one of his three sons with autism and his wife Sarah, 38, who suffers from seasonal depression. .

Even though the fence did not require a building permit, Rob thinks he has a “right to light” and he states that the fence should be removed. But for that, he must bring in lawyers to settle this issue.


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