Sport Rockanrolla does not forgive in the III Puerto Portals...

Rockanrolla does not forgive in the III Puerto Portals Dragon Winter Series


The Rockanrolla showed today that it navigates a step above its rivals and left practically sentenced the III Puerto Portals Dragon Winter Series, with two days left until the end of the competition. The Russian vessel manned by Dmitry Samokhin, Kasper Harsberg and Andrdey Kirilyuk (RUS 76) was awarded the only test of the day with authority and increased its advantage over its most direct rivals. The numbers are eloquent: the leader of the general adds 15 points, for 52 of the second classified, Ingrid (GER 16), of Dirk Pramann, and 55 of the Bunker Prince (ITA 77), of Evgenii Braslavets.

The III Puerto Portals Dragon Winter Series, organized by the Puerto Portals Regatta Club, resumed today in the Bay of Palma with the dispute of the eighth round of the circuit. 44 boats were cited in the race course after a 45-minute land postponement due to lack of wind. A slight thermal breeze of the southern component, which at no time exceeded seven knots of intensity, allowed an exit, which was actually four, as there were three general calls. Ten boats were disqualified for going out of line with black flag.

The Race Committee chose to set up a four-section route, arriving at the stern. Rockanrolla always sailed in the top positions and in the second tight marked distances with his rivals. The run was a triumphant ride for the team of Dmitry Samokhin, whose worst result in eight races is a fourth since it has also been ruled out. The overwhelming superiority of the Russian Dragon limits the emotion of the two remaining days to elucidate who hangs the silver medal and who the bronze one. The absence of the British Louise Racing today at the start paved the ground of the Ingrid, which was eleventh, and opened the possibility of a podium for the Bunker Prince, the only ship in the fleet that at times seemed to disturb Rockanrolla.

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The best-ranked Spanish vessel is Mr. Nova, by Jorge Forteza, who today earned a creditable tenth place and was able to climb several positions overall, to the ninth place.

Tomorrow Saturday will be played the second day of the third and final round of the Winter Series. The weather forecast is of mild south wind, in a tonic similar to today. The awards ceremony of the circuit will take place on Sunday, at the end of the last race of the competition.

The III Puerto Portals Winter Series have made Mallorca the reference base of the Dragon class in Europe and have led the Bay of Palma to host the two most important continental regattas of the Dragon class: the Puerto Portals Dragon Grand Prix (held last November) and the Puerto Portals Dragon European Championship (April 20-26). In March, the IV Puerto Portals Mediterranean Cup will be held, in which the same Winter Series figures are expected to be repeated, in which more than fifty vessels from 15 countries have registered. .


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