Rocket fire at Eritrea’s capital by Tigray forces –

The president of the dissident Ethiopian region of Tigray claimed responsibility for the rocket fire which struck the capital of border Eritrea the day before, again accusing the army of Asmara of helping the Ethiopian army which is fighting the forces of Tiger.

“Ethiopian forces are also using Asmara airport” to take off planes bombing Tigray, making it “a legitimate target,” Tigray President Debretsion Gebremichael said, once again accusing the army Eritrean from being engaged in fighting on the ground in Tigray, northern Ethiopia.

Several rockets hit the area around Asmara airport on Saturday, two Addis Ababa-based diplomats said overnight, without being able to report a human toll or possible damage. The Eritrean authorities did not react immediately.

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Eritrea accused of helping Ethiopian army

“It is an open secret that the two leaders, Ethiopian Abiy Ahmed and Eritrean Issaias Afeworki,” use this airport to deploy forces across the border “between Eritrea and Tigray” and attack us “, added the leader of Tigray.

On Saturday, the Tigray Forces Command accused Eritrea of ​​lending a hand to the Ethiopian federal army by letting its air force take off from Eritrean territory, but also by intervening militarily in the fighting in Tigray.

The Tigray troops “have been fighting the Eritrean forces for several days on several fronts”, repeated the president of the region, assertions which cannot be independently verified, due to the blackout imposed on the region and the movement restrictions of journalists.

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Violence is increasing in the Tigray region, Ethiopia / Forum / 3 min. / yesterday at 18:02

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