Rocket Labs is back in Rocket League with new limited-time mode

This weekend players will enjoy games at the Galleon Arena.

As anticipated at the time the contents of the second season of Rocket League, is back Rocket Labs, a function that may be remembered by veterans of the game of Psyonix, but that might be a first for new players.

Rocket Labs is a space where Psyonix tried some experimental arenas with slight variables to the gameplay or layout from space. This option is back and will present limited time game modes.

To begin with, Rocket Labs will introduce the mode Ball wheel in Galleon, bringing back an arena that was available in the game Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, predecessor of Rocket League. Although adjustments have been made to this arena that resembled a Pirate Ship – like the removal of the mast – players can continue to enjoy the raised decks behind both goals.

Galleon’s list of matches will be available until the early hours of next Tuesday January 19 (3:00 am Spanish time, 8:00 pm on January 18 CDMX time). More experimental matches are expected at Rocket Labs in the future.

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