Rocket Lake-S are on presale, how many of us will they come up with?

Core i7-11700K you after still offered in advance for 469 euros, although even the pre-sale should not run according to the available information. But it’s still running, and now it’s at the American dealer Milwaukeepc, which has already been offered to the entire Rocket Lake-S family.

The prices of the offered processors are as follows (including links):

It is quite common when the real price of the processor in euros in our country corresponds to the price in dollars, which is more or less the case here in the case of the Core i7-11700K (469 EUR / 485 USD). It is possible to imagine that the price of the Core i9-11900K will also be 600 EUR, or slightly lower, so we can consider about 15,500 CZK with tax, which will make the new eight-core about 4 thousand crowns more expensive than the old ten-core Core i9-10900K. And if we decide for the KF version without integrated graphics, we can consider about 15,000 CZK, while the difference compared to 10900KF will again be about four thousand.

Intel will no doubt try to offer its Rocket Lake-S as processors with “better real-world performance” and better gaming performance, with nothing left. Both the Core i9-11900K and the KF will have a price quite comparable to the Ryzen 9 5900X, but they will not be able to reach the 12 cores, but we will be able to talk about it indeed only after the final tests have been released. Let’s also not forget that Intel is preparing new microcodes, due to which it was to postpone the arrival of new processors by about 14 days.

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However, the choice of customers will also be greatly influenced by availability and the price tied to it. The new Ryzens 5 and 7 are already in stock, but this is not the case for both Riesens 9, which are said to have received a lower priority in production, which is now reflected in the market. But not everyone is understandably interested in the Ryzen 9 or Core i9, there will also be weaker Core i5s for prices starting at around 180 euros, where AMD has no modern processors (Zen 3). The Core i5-11600K / KF model will go against the Ryzen 5 5600X and the weaker 11500 and 11400 will compete more with the older generation Ryzen 3000. But of course only if Intel can launch the required number of Rocket Lake-S processors and their price will not rise.

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