Rockstar Games Launches Los Santos Tuner in ‘GTA Online’

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rockstar games announced that it would release the ‘Los Santos Tuner’ on the 20th.

This update brings tuner-based missions and races. You can race freely at the LS Automobile Gathering, a huge new gathering activity, and show off your own modified vehicle. In addition, it will provide a golden opportunity to build connections with contacts who are looking for excellent drivers.

Joining the LS Automobile Membership will unlock a new reputation system that offers new benefits each time you reach that level.

Reputation is an important asset in car gatherings, and it will naturally increase as you participate in races, daily login bonuses, spend time on the test drive track, or spend time at car gatherings.

Reputation earns you a variety of rewards that increase your status within the group, including the ability to unlock equipment and new vehicle modification options, trade prices for specific vehicles, access to new race modes and the ability to host private car gatherings this is provided

Members who have achieved a high level of reputation can customize their car gathering space with lights and banners of their choice, and create private takeovers.

Players who sign up for a membership can use the test drive track, a huge underground space inside the car assembly warehouse, and can drive, drift, and race freely with friends. A new test drive vehicle is also available on the test drive track, where you can ride a variety of vehicles that change periodically and test your limits.

You can also earn prize vehicles by participating in prize vehicle challenges, and access a wide variety of special shops and features, including a car modification shop, product shop, tattoo parlor, and more.

In addition, various new races such as ▲Head to Head ▲Scramble ▲Time Trial ▲Street Race Series ▲Chase Series ▲Short Distance Run are available.

In addition, this update adds a variety of new vehicles such as anise, dinka, and ubermacht as well as a Vapid muscle car, and a total of 17 new vehicles are expected to be added during this summer.

Rockstar Games until the release date of the LS Automobile Gathering We plan to present Los Santos custom tees to players who play and meet other players, and a Los Santos Tour jacket as a reward for participating in instant races.

In addition, from the 20th, if a vehicle is stolen in free mode and successfully delivered to LS Custom, Los Santos Custom Coveralls will be provided.

Meanwhile, for PS5 and Xbox Series X and S later this year, When this is released, various upgrade factors such as speed improvement of some vehicles will be added.

More detailed information can be found on the website.


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