Rodez. A center for adults with autism

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The GEM La Bulle, place des Toiles, in the Ruthenian prefecture, opened last week. This is the first structure in Aveyron to welcome adults with autism spectrum disorders.

The place opened its doors mid last week. But it will not be officially inaugurated until Wednesday. The Pep 12 association, which already manages several structures specializing in the care of patients with autism spectrum disorders, in particular children, has obtained funding from the ARS to open a new reception center, this time for adults, in Rodez. This Mutual Aid Group (GEM) called La Bulle, is the only structure of its kind in the department. And it wants to be a place open to all autistic adults who want it. “We are not on the usual orientation plan, explains Benjamin Albouy, deputy general manager of the association. People come when they want, without any obligation.”

Activities all week

Eventually, the beneficiaries will be called upon to create an association which will take charge of the management of this group, while the administration and the budget will still be the responsibility of the Pep 12.

On the very quiet place des Toiles, just behind the Saint-Amans church, a stone’s throw from the center of Rodez, a room has been specially fitted out, with in-depth work on the colors, textures and the very structuring of the place so that it can be a “friendly” place where people with autism can feel at ease. “This is not a classic offer, details, Camille Pock, animator. We thought about arranging the place with different heights, textures too… Everyone must be able to find their place there. La Bulle is intended to be a decompression chamber. They can come for lunch at noon only when the day is a bit complicated, or participate in various activities throughout the day…”

On site, from Monday to Saturday, two facilitators will take turns to offer a fairly wide range of appointments for which the beneficiaries, who will only have to pay an annual fee of €22, can register whenever they wish, on the Internet. On the program, walks, gardening, creative hobbies, photo workshops, music… And above all, a space for dialogue to allow those who need to be listened to to confide.

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“When you’re an autistic adult, it’s divisive”

Fabienne has Asperger’s autism. At 48, she has learned to live with her disorder over the years, but things haven’t always been easy. “Especially since I was not detected early, she says. We are followed for the disability, for the professional project, but not for the leisure activities. When you are an autistic adult, it is divisive. can’t stand the noise, the world… It’s not easy to integrate into a group. Autism is a disability that can be invisible. It can be characterized by attention deficit, irritation, hypersensitivity…” So the Ruthenoise chose to become a volunteer with the GEM La Bulle. To bring his experience. “I would have loved to have a structure like this when I was diagnosed, she continues. To have people with whom to exchange, who can give us little advice on how to manage situations in work, in life. private… Now there is a structure for that. And that’s beautiful.”

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