Rodez. Glass to make you dream at the Bshop gallery

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The temporary exhibition is to be discovered until Saturday 26 November at the boutique-gallery of crafts Bshop.

Rêves de verre”. This is the name of the fifth temporary exhibition which runs until November 26 in the Bshop arts and crafts gallery. It is in the choir of this former 19th century chapel, bought by Jean-Michel Cosson and Claire Méravilles in 2019, which are exhibited, throughout the month of November, the works of ten glass artists from Rodez and all over France.

The glass is exposed “in all its states”

For Jean-Michel Cosson, this exhibition “will offer the opportunity to present ten ways of treating glass. Some artists stretch it, blow it, others work it in fusion by melting the glass”. Claire Méravilles who hopes that this exhibition “will please and enchant”believes that the objective “is to present glass in all its states and in all its forms” with paintings, playful sculptures mixing glass and metal or even wood.

It will therefore be possible to discover the scientific universe illustrated on glass plates, sculptures of colored birds, obsolete objects and tools reworked via the contribution of glass, vases, cups and glass paintings or even sculptures. polished and translucent colored geometric shapes. For the co-owner of the Bshop, these creations “call for imagination and daydreaming”. An idea of ​​the dream shared by the other organizer of this event, the glass artist Roselyne Blanc-Bessière. The latter houses in its workshop-gallery, located rue de l’Embergue, part of the works of the exhibition.

The Bshop gallery will offer a sixth temporary exhibition in December. The glass will give way to a photo exhibition on the Aveyron. A permanent exhibition is also to be discovered in the rest of the chapel with a selection of unique pieces by 45 artists, whether utilitarian (lamps, plates, cups, bowls, etc.) or purely artistic such as sculptures.

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