Rodrigo Goldberg: “We lost Cornejo and Peñailillo for waiting for Mena”

The season of smoke began in Chilean soccer and also in Europe. And in Todos Somos Técnicos we cover it in a special way with the notes of Marcelo Díaz, who referred to the options that Mauritius Island return to Chilean football. One of the options for the “Huaso” is the Catholic Universitywhere already he received the leave del DT, Ariel Holan.

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And by way of involving the panel, the reporter who covers the daily life of the University of Chile asked Rodrigo Goldberg if he would be interested in signing the right lane. “I would happily take him to the U. Now with what? Of course we asked. There was no chance”recalled the “Polish” to his period as sports manager of Azul Azul.

“And Mena? Now that we’re in this one,” Gonzalo Fouillioux asked the former Blues striker in reference to “Keno”, who participated in the tour of Asia What did the Chilean team do? “We lost (Juan) Cornejo and (Nicolás) Peñailillo waiting for Mena. You have to ask the person who negotiated that,” added Goldberg, who made it clear that the former left winger of the León de México was able to reach the Centro Deportivo Azul, but landed at the Universidad Católica.

In the case of the other left-handed striker appointed by the former blue manager, he has just terminated his contract with Santa Fe Union And he’s a free agent. Will it make it to the U? Will have to see though Diego Lopez has Jose Castro and Marcelo Morales to cover that position in the stellar squad of the laity, who fine-tune details to face General Velásquez in the Chile Easy Cup.

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