Rodrigo Rato leaves Soto del Real prison after obtaining the third degree

The former president of Bankia Rodrigo Rato he left this Friday at six in the afternoon from the Soto del Real prison, after the National Court granted the third degree with telematic control, something that facilitated the acquittal he achieved in the ‘Bankia Case’, whose sentence was made public this week. The former vice president of the Government during two legislatures between the twentieth and twenty-first centuries has been in that prison for almost two years -since October 25, 2018 when he entered- of the four and a half to which the justice condemned him for the case of Caja Madrid’s ‘black cards’. Specifically, he was serving a sentence for a continuing crime of misappropriation.

Upon his release from prison, Rodrigo Rato, accompanied by his wife, who arrived at the prison to receive her husband 45 minutes earlier, approached the media to highlight the work of “Father Paulino” and of the people “Who accompany him every Sunday at Mass, who do a splendid job for all the inmates and all the inmates”, as well as the NGOs with which he has “been able to collaborate” during his stay in the penitentiary.

Who also came to occupy one of the most important economic positions at a global level, that of managing director of the International Monetary Fund, just in the run-up to the global financial crisis that broke out in 2008, made mention of his module “partners”, number 10: «I leave very good memories, I hope, and they certainly have them in me. I wish you good luck, justice and freedom, ”he declared.

The former vice president of the Government is released from prison, in addition, hours before the measures by which Madrid and nine other municipalities of the community are closed to take effect to stop the spread of the pandemic.

Still time has a pending case with justice: he has been investigated since 2015 for the alleged commission of crimes against the Treasury, money laundering and corruption in business due to the irregularities that he could have committed through his companies. But that, according to the order by which the third degree is granted, cannot become a “slab that prevents the current prison classification.”

Essential absolution

But it has been essential for Rato to achieve his new prison status that he has been acquitted of the case opened around the Bankia IPO Regarding the one who was accused of fraud and accounting falsification with an associated penalty of up to eight and a half years in prison. According to the order granting the third degree, this acquittal has managed to “clarify his criminal-prison situation.” In fact, after serving a quarter of the sentence, the Soto del Real prison treatment board had proposed to grant him semi-release, but the competent department of the Ministry of the Interior rejected the proposal, among other reasons, because he still had two pending court proceedings. Now there is only one.

Judge José Castro, in his order this Thursday, valued that half of the sentence would be served in January 2021, that his prison permits would be carried out without incidents, the low danger of criminal recidivism, his old age of 71 years and his coronary heart disease. Also, that he has complied with the economic reparation of the damage and that he asked for forgiveness.


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