Roger Hallam calls Holocaust “just another fuckery in human history” | ZEIT ONLINE

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Roger Hallam, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, has said the Holocaust was “just another fuckery in human history.”

Hallam believes the Germans’ attitude towards the Holocaust is holding them back. “The extremity of a trauma can create a paralysis in actually learning the lessons from it,” he told the German weekly DIE ZEIT in an interview.

Talking to DIE ZEIT, the 53-year-old British citizen referenced the Holocaust several times. The “fact of the matter is, millions of people have been killed in vicious circumstances on a regular basis throughout history,” Hallam said. He cites, for example, the Belgians, who “went to the Congo in the late 19th century and decimated it.”

He notes that genocides have happened repeatedly over the past five centuries: “In fact, you might say it is like a regular event.” In Hallam’s view, the Holocaust is “just another fuckery in human history.”



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1 thought on “Roger Hallam calls Holocaust “just another fuckery in human history” | ZEIT ONLINE”

  1. I just came across this story today, and I must say it is nice to see a comment section that is not filled with people reacting predictably and rather self-righteously considering that echo chambers in which people roundly agree that someone else is bad for whatever reason (out side of jury rooms, anyways) are pretty much an ideal growth medium for extremism.

    I can see exactly what his point is, and he is correct.

    What people are missing is that his focus is on 8 billion plus people and the future, and more importantly his words were not making like of the Holocaust, but rather expressing contempt for the human propensity to slaughter each other for little good reason.

    We see that today with the militant fundamentalist Islamic state mujihadeen, and we see a mirror image of them in much of modern America, everywhere and on either side of any clear axis that can be defined that separates opposites.

    The tragic irony of all of the furor over Hallan’s statements, even though they are almost a year in the past, is that by making of the Holocaust an icon of the worst atrocity imaginable, the room for bad actors to continue and possibly get away with the destruction of entire ethnicities, whether biologically or culturally.

    For clarity, I myself have been threatened repeatedly by some of the growing number of neo-nazis, etc that are online and who I have zero tolerance for, and this was the state of things for years before I recently was able to determine that technically I would count as Jewish.

    As a child, I came by myself to the conclusion after learning of the existence of “revisionists” that in the larger picture it doesn’t even matter what the exact numbers were for the death toll.

    The story itself remains as what should be a stark caution to people to be aware of the dangers of populism mixed with directed anger.

    It does not seem that people have paid enough attention to the causes, and instead pay too much attention to maintaining the story itself as a thing of reverence.

    And the negative attention paid to Hallan concerning it is far too convenient for those interests who it might be seen as likely to be complicit if not active supporters of similar endeavors so long as they cleared people out of the way of their profit margins.


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