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If he does not crack this Saturday, September 19 in the time trial to La Planche des Belles Filles, the Slovenian Primoz Roglic will be sure to see Paris with the yellow jersey. An expected coronation but which could make one cringe.

Les Jumbo? « Flying elephants », Their performance? ” Abnormal “. With his words, the former yellow jersey Romain Feillu writes on social networks what others think very strongly behind the scenes of the Tour. The images of the yellow train of the Jumbo-Visma recall those of the US Postal of the Armstrong years.

At the top of the passes, in the thin peloton of favorites, Primoz Roglic regularly found himself surrounded by three or four team-mates, against none for his rivals. We even saw Wout Van Aert, 78 kilos on the scales, sprint specialist and winner of two stages in this exercise, let go of several experienced climbers.

« That makes me smile “, Quips Pierre, a practicing cyclist but little believer, present at the finish in Champagnole,” When we see Roglic’s very rapid progress, we can ask ourselves questions because we are regularly disappointed with the Tour de France and its doping cases. : we think that the best wins, then we realize that this is not always the case … It spoils the fun a little »Loose the young man, one of the few we meet to say he is really embarrassed by the seizure of the Slovenian and his training.

Roglic, much less hated than Froome and the Ineos

Is it because this Tour, in the health context, is first and foremost a necessary celebration for a suffering population? Or because the French see Primoz Roglic, a runner little known to the general public, from a large country like Picardy, a nice alternative to the ultra-domination of the Sky / Ineos in recent years? Still, the Slovenian arouses relatively little hostility in the public, when Christopher Froome received whistles, insults and jeers at the time he crushed the Tour.

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« Of course, I would have preferred to see the French in front “, Comments Pascal, originally from Haute-Marne,” but this year, we must recognize that Roglic and his young compatriot Pogaçar are stronger. I hope they are not doped. I think they are especially better prepared than our runners, who had to stop longer with our confinement regime “. For him, the party is far from wasted.

And there are even others for whom Roglic is a new “ pet » : « I find him reserved but very nice Jeremy attacks. This fan of Frenchman Nans Peters met up with the rider’s relatives a few days ago: “ It was on arrival in Villard-de-Lans, we were writing messages for Nans on the road, and then they asked us to write “Rogla”, Roglic’s nickname. There was his wife and some friends. We hit it off and they even offered us some weird, but super good Slovenian beer and biscuits ».

Biscuits ” weird “, This is perhaps the secret of Primoz Roglic, mysterious champion who could offer us Sunday in Paris his first smile. A yellow smile for some.

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