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Rohingya sues Facebook for 5 trillion baht over hate speech

news agency BBC Reports that dozens of Rohingya refugees in the United States and United Kingdom file a lawsuit against the company meta or formerly known as Facebook, allegedly This social networking giant has left ‘hate speech’ on Rohingya. It is published on its own platform without any control.

Rohingya from the group demanded $150 billion in damages from Facebook, alleging that it supports violence against the Rohingya. let misinformation A dangerous and hateful place has been spreading for many years.

Rohingya are the most serious victims of violence in Myanmar.RohingyaTens of thousands of people lost their lives in Burma Army crackdown operations.

The BBC also disclosed some content in a letter sent to Facebook by a UK law firm representing the Rohingya. Alleging that the algorithm or algorithm works by Facebook This intensified the hate discourse against the Rohingya. They also failed to supply. fact-checkers and intermediaries with knowledge about the political situation in Myanmar

Facebook has also failed to remove posts or accounts that incite violence against the Rohingya. and failed to take appropriate and timely measures. Despite receiving notifications from charities or the media

US part Lawyers filed lawsuits against Facebook in a court in San Francisco. California has accused Facebook of being willing to trade the lives of Rohingyas to penetrate the small country’s market. in Southeast Asia at present In Myanmar, there are more than 20 million Facebook users, and it is almost always the main channel for receiving or sharing news.

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