Roland Busch: Siemens doesn’t want to split the new boss into many parts

Roland Busch
Siemens does not want to split the new boss into many parts

The designated Siemens CEO Roland Busch. Photo: Peter Kneffel / dpa

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In the coming year, Roland Busch will head the Siemens executive board. He rules out further spin-offs from the group.

The future Siemens CEO Roland Busch does not want to be driven by the stock exchange to further spin-offs.

«If I only listened to the capital market, I could break the company down into 20 parts. Then the investors would have maximized their stakes – only there would be nothing left of Siemens, ”said Busch of the“ Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung ”. Busch has been responsible for the business since October 1, but will not formally move to the top of the Group’s Board of Management until February 2021.

“Following the recent IPO of Siemens Energy, we are no longer a conglomerate, we have developed a clear profile. The core areas include industry, infrastructure, transport and health. I include them because we will keep the majority of the shares in the listed Siemens Healthineers. ”

On the other hand, the group wants to withdraw completely from the spun off Siemens Energy division. Depending on the market environment, the stake is to be reduced further, as Busch announced. “Our plan is to sell more shares in the next 12 to 18 months,” said the manager. “In addition, as the parent company, we give guarantees of 42 billion euros. The amount will be halved over the next five years. ”


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