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Roland Kaiser: daughter unpacks about pop star

For decades, Roland Kaiser has been on the pop stages of the world. Many things are known about the Münster-born resident. However, his daughter has now unpacked one or two details.

In addition to his 30-year career as a pop singer, Roland Kaiser also has one passion: Cars that he also likes to tinker with. As a trained automobile salesman, this is hardly surprising. What is so bizarre about it, his daughter Annalena now revealed in the documentary “Legends – The Roland Kaiser Show”.

Roland Kaiser: Enthusiastic car tinkerer

Roland Kaiser doesn’t limit himself to minor repairs when he does his car tinkering, he also does something crazy: He designs his own cars. “He simply puts together cars that will never exist in this world”, said Annalena. Her father takes different body parts and uses them to create completely new and individual vehicles. A hobby that not everyone has and that amazes the 22-year-old.

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