Rolling Stones threaten to sue Trump if he continues to use their song

The Rolling Stones announced in a statement Sunday that their legal team was working with Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI), an American copyright collecting organization, to force Donald Trump to stop using the band’s songs in his re-election campaign, as reported by ABC News.

On behalf of the Rolling Stones, BMI has informed the Trump campaign team that the unauthorized use of the group’s songs constitutes a violation of its license agreement, said the group.

If Donald Trump persists and continues to ignore the exclusion, he could face prosecution for violating the embargo and using music he did not license.

« You Can’t Always Get What You Want », sortie en 1969 sur l’album Let It Bleed, is one of the most famous songs in the Stones repertoire. She is ranked 100th on the magazine’s 500 biggest songs list Rolling Stone.

The rock music classic was used by the Trump team at a recent rally for the re-election candidate in Tulsa, Oklahoma, an event whose attendance was much lower than expected.

The Rolling Stones previously lamented Trump’s unauthorized use of their music during his campaign for the 2016 presidential election.

Other artists have also suffered the same fate in the past, like Neil Young in 2018, while the president had used his tube Rockin’ in the Free World without the musician’s permission.

More recently, the family of the late Tom Petty said they sent a letter of formal notice to the president after he used the song I Won’t Back Down in Tulsa.

Both the late Tom Petty and his family firmly oppose racism and discrimination of all kinds. Tom Petty would never want one of his songs to be used in a hate campaign. He liked to bring people together, said the singer’s family in a statement.

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