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Roma-Milan 1-2, the report cards

Pau Lopez 5.5: Average between 9 with hands and 3 with feet. Warm the glove tips after 2 minutes to dampen an Ibra missile. Shock start that risks becoming dramatic when he messes up his foot and he has to thank the arrogance of the Swede who tries the heel before doing his best on Rebic and Saelamakers. He can only guess Kessie’s rigor. With his feet he still proves approximate when he gets back badly at Rebic’s goal.

Mancini 5,5: The attention for almost an hour is always at the levels of the protagonist-hero of a disaster film made in the USA. At 58 ‘, however, he is hit in full by the meteorite and lets Rebic run very easily, who scores with ferocity. Error that cannot be ignored.

Cristante 5,5: He expected the Portuguese rhythms of Braga, and instead Milan’s attack immediately hits hard and risks hurting by taking advantage of some delay in Bryan’s marking

Fazio 4,5: He had not played in the league at the Olimpico since 2 July 2020 (0-2 for Udinese). Tonight he finds himself in a big match out of extreme necessity and demonstrates why the absence was as long as a winter in the Stark house. Commits the penalty foul on Calabria and shows pachydermic comeback. (17’st Bruno Peres 6: decidedly more courageous in pushing than Karsdorp)

Karsdorp 4,5: He raises his hands to apologize after two minutes when Theo snatches the ball from his feet and serves it to Ibrahimovic but at the end of the game he should write a letter of forgiveness given the list of errors in the defensive phase that accumulates in just 45 minutes. recovery moves back on the defensive line and perhaps even worse as it risks provoking another penalty on Leao. Rest is needed.

Villar 5: Directed by amatariola and lost duel with Tonali. From a lost ball comes Ibra’s goal which is canceled for offside due to Rebic’s excessive altruism. Does the take change in the second half? No. And in fact it comes out. (25’st El Shaarawy 6: good intentions)

Green all 6.5: Two tears and little more in the first half of errors and shortness of breath. Then comes the eurogol that tries to put Rome back on the war path (34’st Diawara ng)

Spinazzola 6.5: He is among the few to try to play the charge even after Kessie’s goal but he is often a lone warrior. In the second half he finds his teammate Jordan Veretout to support him, and the result is seen immediately.

Pilgrims 5: At the first lightning bolt eyes and thoughts widen lowering the center of gravity and failing to bring out the determination that would serve but rather showing fear when he sweeps away the ball in the restart at half an hour. Platinum opportunity at the end of the first half but finds the Rossoneri wall of Tomori and Tonali to curb the joy of the goal. Also bad from free kick.

Mkhitaryan 6: In the first half it is pressed and often sunk. In the end he puts himself as the only attacking midfielder and with a shot around he touches the intersection of dreams. Then he finds Donnarumma’s miracle before earning a penalty that Guida does not award for a suspected previous foul by the Armenian. The episode sends Roma into a rage.

Mayoral 5: He leaves his driver’s license at home and ends up walking in an area of ​​the camp with little traffic because of him and his companions. At 27 ‘he has the good ball to push in but flounders on the ball in the small area then steals a poisonous ball from Kessie but does not exploit it. (34’st Pedro 5.5: little time to amaze, but kicks a good ball in the final)

Fonseca 5: Starting at a thousand per hour, Milan literally dominated the first half in every area of ​​the pitch, finding a team afraid, without ideas. In short, the Rome of the big matches but with an additional impasse that frightens in the future. At the double whistle it is almost a miracle that the partial is so low. In the locker room he seems to have delivered the right mental tonic to Roma who enter alive and on the pitch. But the effect does not last long and the errors continue.


G. Donnarumma 6,5:

the now usual signature on the result: he lowers the shutter in the 35th minute of the second half on a racing car by Mkhitaryan. Leader.

Calabria 6,5: Roma’s left-wing chain moves with consolidated automatisms and a careful performance by the Rossoneri number 2 is needed to contain it. Good pace and excellent response after the disappointment in the derby in the presence of Perisic.

Kjaer 6,5: tactically flawless, practically nothing is wrong. Milan’s defensive guide is back.

Tomori 7: impresses with aggressiveness, timing and excellent marking skills. He leverages his explosiveness to close first on Veretout and then on Borja Mayoral, two fundamental interventions in the game’s economy. He amply repays the trust placed in him by Pioli.

Theo Hernandez 7: a match of his own, made up of ball and chain descents that send Roma’s defensive plan into a tailspin. It is close to scoring in the 3 ‘of the second half after a giant slalom worthy of the best Alberto Tomba. Impregnable.

6.5 tonals: The Rossoneri talent is appreciated in the possession phase. The rescue on Pellegrini is extraordinary, he is surprised by Veretout on the occasion of the Giallorossi goal. (from 38 ‘st Meite s, v),

Kessie 7.5: sumptuous performance by the Rossoneri midfielder. He reaches 8 goals in the league with the usual perfect realization from the spot, depriving Villar of the space and time necessary to restart the action of Roma. Dominant.

Saelemaekers 6.5: rear your head after a difficult month. He works well in the two phases, close to the goal with a very well executed lob from midfield. (Dto 38 ‘Castillejo s, v),

Calhanoglu 6: does his own, without particularly shining. Forced to change due to muscle boredom. (from 1 ‘st Diaz 6: it takes a few more minutes to get into the game, looking for the right position on the pitch. Pioli guides him and the Spaniard begins to move with quality between the lines)

Rebic 7,5: the best performance of the season for the Croatian striker. He constantly puts Roma in trouble with his strength in looking for the bottom. Very good also in one on one where it is almost impregnable. Score a great goal with a diagonal that is as precise as it is powerful. (from 22 ‘st Krunic 6: a half hour of great solidity)

Ibrahimovic 6: at 4 ‘Pau Lopez disguises himself as Santa Claus and gives him a macroscopic goal ball which he wastes with an unrealistic heel strike. Precious in the work of central buoy to create spaces for the insertions of the attackers. He goes out with a muscle problem. (from 11th st Leao 6: it lights up on one occasion but finds an excellent response from Pau Lopez. The commitment in the defensive phase in the final is appreciable)

Pioli 7: courageous choices always pay off and he finds a very fair one with Tomori. He prepares the game well and manages perfectly in exchanges.

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