Romain Grosjean escapes the inferno

Dhat is horror for a racing driver. A collision at an obtuse angle. The Bahraini Grand Prix was a few seconds old on Sunday when Romain Grosjean shot to the right across the track in the field of cars at the exit of the third corner when he spotted a gap but overlooked the competitor. He touches the left front wheel of Daniil Kwiat’s Alpha Tauri. The Haas turns almost at a right angle, at full throttle, crashes into the guardrail after a short braking distance. The bolide is immediately immersed in a fireball. The flames rise into the sky and reach the advertising bridge over the route.

Minutes pass before the TV world view of Formula 1 dissolves the anxious wait: It shows Grosjean disturbed in the Formula 1 ambulance, he is supported when changing to the ambulance. The Geneva limps. The recording shows how he emerges from flames, how he climbs over the guardrail using the fire extinguishers from marshals and with the help of a doctor from the ambulance. The ambulance was there in no time. Only when the smoke has subsided can it be seen which inferno Grosjean escaped: the car was torn in two, fortunately burst at the breaking point where the engine is connected to the cockpit.

The carbon fiber safety cell held up. But it is stuck in the side of the broken guardrail, tore open the steel like a can opener a tin can. Apparently the front half of the car was pushing its ground first through the guardrails. The underside of the chassis probably saved Grosjean from serious injuries in his third-last Formula 1 Grand Prix. The so-called halo, the ring in front of the cockpit opening to protect the head, seems to have prevented it from slipping through. Blessing in disguise. Grosjean comes out of the wreck by himself behind the guardrail almost 27 seconds after the accident. The Haas racing team announced that the driver suffered second-degree burns on his hand and two toes that were broken. Grosjean is allowed to light a candle for the first time in Advent.

“It was a huge shock to see that,” said Hamilton after his 95th Grand Prix win, this time ahead of Max Verstappen and Alex Albon (both Red Bull): “It was terrifying to see the car being torn apart. I’m so grateful that the halo worked, that the guardrails didn’t cut off his head. ”The crash reminded the former pilots, now television commentators, of the danger in their day. “It is a miracle that it came out in one piece,” said Damon Hill, the 1996 world champion, at the time rival of Michael Schumacher in the battle for the titles in 1994, 1995 and 1996. “Twenty or thirty years ago, nobody would be that easy come out. The security precautions of Formula 1 are huge. Sometimes the drivers get upset about it and wonder if it is still necessary. That won’t be the case now. “


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