Romanian deadlift: keys to doing this exercise well and what are its benefits

when you do romanian Deadlift, be careful to follow these steps:

  • Lower the bar as you lean forward. The back should be at a 90 degree angle.
  • Keep your legs slightly bent.
  • Stop the movement when you feel like you can’t go any lower, being careful not to round your back. On a regular basis it is between the knees and the shins.
  • Raise the bar until you reach the starting position.
  • Repeat the exercise 8 to 12 times in 3 or 4 series.
  • Concentrate on not forcing your back and taking advantage of the strength that your legs and buttocks give you.

2. The base is in hip extension

Another key part to better understand the romanian deadlift is to understand the role that the hip has in it. And it is that this exercise emphasizes the movement of hip extension (which, by the way, you can improve by constant yoga practice). In this way, the variant Romanian of dead weight It is presented as a better option for those whose mission is to achieve greater volume and strength in this muscular area.

3. Follow a different path

The romanian deadlift start your journey from above. That is when the muscle It reaches a great elongation, thus exerting greater pressure on it and giving it great effectiveness for its growth. The idea is that keeping your legs semi-flexed, you take the bar down, as far as your flexibility allows it, but never reaching the ground.

4. Get a good grip on the weight

The romanian deadlift It’s made with dumbbells that are loaded, but these can be lifted in different ways. The type of grip can be alternated between supine and prone (palms up or palms down) and this will help you vary the type of muscles you work. The most recommended is the grip with palms on the ground.

5. The back should always be straight

In the romanian deadlift The position of the back must be taken into account. At all times you must keep yourself straight, sticking out your hips, raising your chest and keeping your gaze straight ahead. The movement of the bar must be vertical, trying to maintain tension in the lower back, to avoid slouching.

6. Take care of the knees

In the romanian deadlift, the knees do not move and must be kept in the same position throughout. This helps keep more tension in your hamstrings and gluteal muscles.

7. Take care of your head too

A common mistake when carry weight it is wanting to look straight ahead throughout the movement. If we do this, we will hyperextend our cervical spine which is not correct. Instead of looking straight ahead, we should look slightly in front of our feet, with our heads in line with our spine.

8. Preparation for the exercise

Remember to prepare your posture well


If you want to include this exercise In your routine, we recommend that you take into account the steps to prepare beforehand, which are:

  • Stand with your legs hip-width apart and grab the bar with an overhand grip, palms down.
  • Place the bar a few inches above your knee, keeping your arms extended.
  • Slightly bend your legs.

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