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Original title: Romano: Chelsea signing Gordon deal is complicated and in strategic game with Barcelona

Romano: Chelsea’s deal to sign Gordon is complicated and in a strategic game with Barcelona

Live it on August 30. The reporter Romano recently accepted an interview with Wettfreunde and talked about Chelsea’s work in the final stage of the transfer window.

Anthony Gordon

“This morning the deal felt complicated and difficult. There is still a gap between what Chelsea offered and what Everton asked for. Everton would like Chelsea to include some players in the deal, such as Broja, but Tuchel appreciates Broja, so I’m not sure if Broja will be part of the negotiations, so now the deal is complicated.”

“If Chelsea are going to sign Gordon then they need to make a new offer and, as Lampard has mentioned, the timing of the offer will be important in the coming days, but it’s not something they can do. Something that was finalized before the transfer deadline.”

“If there is to be a deal, they want to do it by the transfer deadline, so it’s complicated and we have to wait and see what Chelsea will decide, but at the moment the talks are not in the final stages and there is no progress.”


“I don’t think it will be easy because Tuchel also trusts Gallagher and has him on the pitch and there are a lot of clubs who want to sign him.”

“Everton do want Chelsea to add Gallagher to the deal, but Newcastle also want the player. Gallagher is one of Newcastle’s primary targets, but it’s not easy to convince Chelsea to sell.”

“Crystal Palace are also interested in signing Gallagher, maybe willing to let Chelsea add a buy-back clause, but at the moment Chelsea have no intention of agreeing to such a deal. So the future of Broya and Gallagher is in Tuchel’s hands, Tuchel The decision is in place and neither deal has yet been green-lighted.”

Chelsea interested in Zaha

“As far as I know, nothing has progressed, no negotiations are underway. He is one of many players Chelsea have discussed internally with their agents. I don’t think Zaha is a primary target for Chelsea if Chelsea are at the last minute. Decided to look for a player of that type, then maybe Zaha could be a solution, but there is nothing to report on that rumour at the moment.”

“Roma were very close to signing Zaha in July because Mourinho liked the player, but before Dybala’s chance came. Eventually Roma got the chance to sign Dybala and they chose The latter, which is why Zaha didn’t join the Red Wolves in the end.”

Stalled Aubameyang transfer

“Both clubs are playing a game of strategy, Barcelona know that Aubameyang is Chelsea’s primary target, and with only three days left in the summer window, there are not many alternatives on the market. But Chelsea know that Barcelona needs money to solve the financial problem. Dilemma, so this negotiation is complicated.”

“As of Monday morning, I can confirm that negotiations between the two clubs have not progressed.”

“I’ve been told Chelsea and Aubameyang have been negotiating a deal for two weeks, so I can say the deal is not about the players. The real problem is with Barcelona, ​​because Chelsea offered to add Marcos Alonso to the deal. It’s not in Barcelona’s interest. Barcelona want the Marcos Alonso deal to be negotiated separately, but Chelsea want him to be included in the deal.”

“So there is no agreement between the two sides at the moment, I feel that the deal may be delayed until the deadline or the penultimate day, the transfer will not be completed today, that is the feeling between the two clubs.”

Marcos Alonso

“Barca had to do each signing step by step due to financial difficulties and player registration issues. There was a problem with Conte’s registration, and now he has it, but it took two weeks. Barca’s priority now The task is to find a solution to the departure of Depay and Aubameyang, but also to the right-back position.”

“Xavi wants a new right-back and wants to find a solution for Dest’s future. So Barca’s real priority is to sign the right-back and then push for Marcos Alonso before the deadline. trade.”

“It was Barcelona’s plan, but Chelsea wanted to include Marcos Alonso in the Aubameyang deal because Chelsea didn’t want to wait, that’s why it’s a strategic game between the two sides, it feels like the negotiations between the two clubs are still open. It will continue, but it will never be easy.”

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