Rome: Mafia boss opens burger shop – every dish is called like a criminal

“Tasteless”: Convicted murderer opens burger shop and names the dishes after famous criminals

In the burger shop, the dishes are named after famous criminals

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A convicted mafia boss recently opened a burger shop in Rome, in which the dishes are named after famous criminals. Some don’t like it at all.

A convicted murderer and mafia boss comes under fire in Italy after opening a restaurant where burgers are named after famous criminals featured in Italian mafia novels and TV shows.

In Salvatore Buzzi’s new restaurant, according to media reports, diners can enjoy burgers with names like “Samurai”, “The Lebanese” and “The Terrible” – gangsters from the TV series “Suburra” and “Romanzo Criminale” from the underworld of Rome Act.

Based on the Neapolitan Camorra Mafia, the menu also features the “Gomorrah” burger with bacon and buffalo mozzarella, which is named after the mafia book and television series of the same name, as well as a mixed salad “Genny”, in honor of the murderous Was named protagonist of the drama.

Gangster Burger: Salvatore Buzzi has appealed

Buzzi was sentenced to twelve years and ten months in prison only in early 2021. He was the right hand man of Massimo Carminati, the head of the so-called “Mafia Capitale”, the “Capital Mafia”. For years, the network had manipulated municipal tenders through connections in Roman administration and the business world in order to get public funds for garbage disposal, maintenance of green spaces or the care of refugees. According to the prosecutor’s office, the two were partly responsible for the fact that Rome was on the verge of financial collapse and that its streets are in such poor condition.

But Buzzi has appealed and pleaded to cut his sentence by half. After all, in the 1980s, the 65-year-old had already sat for nine years for the murder of a confessed member. In the meantime, the mafiosi quickly opened a burger shop – and it pissed off many.

“The belittling of evil”

The opening of Buzzi’s Restaurant has also garnered media attention abroad as it boasts of being “interviewed by the London Times”. Don Luigi Ciotti, founder and president of Libera, an anti-mafia organization, told Italy 23 News that this news is “a cause for great concern for him. It is the trivialization of evil,” the activist said. Through the trivialization and commercialization of evil, mafia-like structures are normalized and pretended that the mafia is not that bad.

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Buzzi himself sees it all calmly and asks why he shouldn’t allow himself to joke. The mafia boss also seems to be more relaxed about prices. “Everyone in this shop, friends, relatives and acquaintances, pays,” he said. “But prosecutors pay double and judges three times.”

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