Ronald Pickup from the Koruna series has died

His agent said Pickup “died peacefully after a long illness surrounded by his family.”

Most recently, he played the Archbishop of Canterbury in the series The Crown and also the British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in The Darkest Hour.

Ronald Pickup was born in 1940 in Chester, UK. He became a theater and film actor, but in terms of the number of roles, he made the most of himself on television. He started his career there in the 1960s with the series Doctor Who, later came the series Verdi, Richard Wagner, The Chronicles of Narnia, Inspector Morse, Dalziel and Pascoe, The Murders in Midsomer, Foyl’s War, Doctor Martin, Downton Estate, The Crown and others.

His feature films are mainly the thriller Jackal Day, the historical drama Mission or an adaptation of the famous novel Lolita from the 1990s. Recently, the Wonderful Hotel Marigold and The Darkest Hour.

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