Sport Ronaldinho and his brother placed under house arrest

Ronaldinho and his brother placed under house arrest


Former Brazilian world footballer Ronaldinho has been released from custody in the fake passport affair, but has been placed under house arrest with his brother Assis. As judge Gustavo Amarilla told reporters, the two will be taken to a hotel in Paraguay’s capital Asuncion. Her lawyers deposited a $ 1.6 million bail.

Ronaldinho was arrested in early March

Ronaldinho was arrested in early March

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FC Barcelona’s 40-year-old former superstar and his older brother were arrested on March 7 after traveling to Paraguay with falsified identity documents days before.

Ronaldinho and Assis had their passports withdrawn in Brazil in November 2018. The background to this was an unpaid penalty payment of the equivalent of 2.25 million euros.



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