Rosalba Torres Guerrero and Koen Augustijnen, in the footsteps of history

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In many shows, music serves as an entry or exit door, it can instill an atmosphere, accompany the changes of scenery, but it also often participates in the dramaturgy. In “Lamenta”, by choreographers Rosalba Torres Guerrero and Koen Augustijnen, and for “November 8” directed by Cédric Brossard, she is quite simply essential. She tells stories, big and small.

The choreographers Rosalba Torres Guerrero placeholder image and Koen Augustijnen, from the “Ballets C de la B”, the company created by Alain Platel in 1984, brought together nine dancers for “Lamenta”, a creation to be seen in the Mineral Court of the University of Avignon. The starting point of this show is a traditional Greek dance, the Miroloi of Epirus, a region in western Greece, a remote and rural mountain region, rich in ancestral dances and music. Songs and dances which tell the drama of the departure and prepare for the absence.

After having already ridden the Ivorian Koffi Kwahulé, the Canadian Emma Hache, the Togolese Gustave Akakpo, Cedric Brossard, who has always been interested in French-speaking, and in particular African, writings, presents until July 31 as part of the Festival Off d’Avignon with the Compagnie Acétés, the creation “November 8”, by Hakim Bah, winner of the RFI prize -Theatre 2016 at l’Entrepôt. A creation that brings together beatboxer MicLee, dancer Andy Adrianasolo and actor Achille Gwem.

Reportage : Today, we commemorate the birth of the most illustrious of French fabulists: Jean de La Fontaine, born 400 years ago, July 8, 1621. Several companies from the Festival d’Avignon pay homage to him, as with this show for young audiences, titled “Fables – Lyric Miniatures”. Fanny Bleichner gives us an overview.


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