Rosario doctor Oscar Bottasso was appointed member of the National Academy of Medicine

For 45 years he was a teacher in the Faculty of Medical Sciences and since he received it he combined care work as a doctor, academic and research focused on the area of ​​Infectious Diseases. In addition, he was a senior researcher at Conicet and the UNR.

Along with this, he was coordinator of the Clinical Sciences area of ​​FONCYT and coordinator of the Conicet Health Commission.

He is the author of more than 140 scientific publications in international journals and has given around 50 scientific conferences at scientific congresses and centers in Latin America, Europe and the United States. He was also president of the Argentine Society of Immunology and the Argentine Society of Protozoology and Parasitic Diseases.

Covid-19 changed its plans

The doctor from Rosario this Wednesday received an e-mail notifying him that he had been appointed as a corresponding member of the National Academy of Medicine. Surprised, Bottasso confessed to this newspaper that he was not expecting it. “It is a mime of life and a recognition from the academic point of view,” he told La Capital, who became a benchmark for medicine in the country.

“This year I was thinking of retiring,” said the doctor whose plans were radically changed by the coronavirus. “The Conicet and the University asked us to study the subject in depth to collaborate in the dissemination and clarify scientific questions,” explained Bottasso, who spends between four and six hours a day investigating the causes and possible cure of Covid-19.

Bottasso currently maintains a simple dedication in the Conicet as a member emeritus after exercising the management of the Laboratory for many years. “I thought to continue going to the hospital three mornings and close that stage, but now I am almost all day working on hospital issues,” he said.

He still does not know how they came to his data, although they are all available in the Conicet system, but the truth is that his profile was clearly studied and put to a vote in the highest medical entity in the country.

The stress of living long | Oscar Bottasso | TEDxCONICETRosario

“First I am a person”

Oscar Bottasso defines himself as a “person” and then leads to professional titles. His great passion is research. “I always had the illusion of knowing something else, of learning and that was really the passion of my life, and it continues to be. I believe that one has to find a passion in life and that makes life livable and exciting,” he reflected.

Within the framework of this national distinction, the doctor wanted to highlight above all his wife, Amalia, who “has been my great life partner” for almost four decades, and his two children, who are his true pride.

“I am grateful for all the opportunities that life gave me and the study that allowed me to grow as a scientist and as a person,” he declared and pointed out that he never cared too much for titles, although this recognition, at this stage of life, means a true “mime of life”.

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