Rosario registered 464 new cases of the 1,669 reported by Santa Fe

The number of cases this Thursday is similar to that of the last few days and less than that of the previous ones, which represents a positive figure and that begins to mark at least one trend that the curve has lowered.

Thus, for example, while this Thursday there were 464 cases, on Thursday, November 12, 489 had been reported, on Thursday, November 5, they were 600 positive and a week before there were 676 infections, that is, in three weeks the cases of coronavirus fell considerably .

And if we extend this spectrum to the last four weeks, it must be said that while in the week from Monday, October 19 to Sunday, October 25, 6,446 infected were reported, between Monday, October 26 to Sunday, November 1 there were 4,601, in that of Monday November 2 to Sunday 8 there were 3,411 and in the last 3,058 infections were registered, so from one week to the next there was a gradual reduction.

Continuing in this line, in the last 27 days there were more people recovered from Covid (21,777) than those who were infected in the city (18,684). Before that there was, sporadically, one day when those recovered were more than contagions, but in general, more patients were reported than those who were cured of the virus.

The data that contrasts sharply with this, and beyond the fact that a certain amount of loss in the contagion curve is beginning to be noticed, is that the number of deaths from Covid remains high, since the province notified the death of 34 people this Thursday, 5 of which correspond to the city of Rosario. The total number of fatalities from coronavirus in Santa Fe amounts to 1,956 people, and in Rosario there are already 1,025, with a fatality rate of 1.87%.

However, and despite the contagion indicators improved in recent days, the director of Epidemiology Carolina Cudós this Wednesday that in Santa Fe the number of internees is very high. And he added that having more than 1,500 cases of covid per day in the province is a worrying fact.

In this framework, the provincial Health Minister, Sonia Martorano, had ruled on Tuesday that “the fatality rate of the coronavirus in Rosario is increasing but still not worrisome“.

After Rosario surpassed 1,020 deaths from coronavirus this Tuesday, the head of the Santa Fe Health portfolio highlighted this Tuesday regarding the fatality rate of the disease that “Argentina rose to 2.7 and worldwide it is 2.4. In the province of Santa Fe it is 1.44, in Rosario it is increasing but it is not yet worrying. But we are closely following the evolution “.

There are a total of 11,776 active patients, while there are 120,484 recovered patients.

There are 185 people admitted to the Intensive Care Unit in provincial hospitals, 19 of whom receive mechanical respiratory assistance.

There are 360 ​​patients in the general ward

In the province, 242,976 notifications were registered, of which 93,140 were discarded.

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