Rostock Zoo: Polar bear mother Sizzel gives birth to twins

See in the video: Polar bear mother Sizzel takes care of her newborn twins

Big and successful litter in Rostock. Because in the zoo, mother polar bear Sizzel gave birth to twins. According to the management, the mother and the two little ones are doing very well. Everything is going as expected, announced the zoo management. The as yet nameless twins were born on November 14th in the so-called litter cave. And there the animals are left alone. Only surveillance cameras check that everything is going as it should. Therefore, no precise information on the gender or weight of the offspring can be given. The daily routine in the throwing cave is currently limited to screaming, drinking and sleeping, according to the zoo director Antje Angeli. Polar bears have lived in Rostock Zoo since 1956. The first offspring were born in December 1963. And since then around 35 young animals have been raised there.

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