Rotation of Red Sox starters season 2021 news

The Boston Red Sox signed the starter Garret Richards, adding another interesting arm to this organization, which is why we show you what could be the interesting rotation of openers of the “Red-legged” in the 2021 season of the Big leagues (MLB).

The Red Sox They seized the services of Garret Richards and awarded a new contract to Martín Pérez for the 2021 season of the Big leagues and without a doubt, they are completing a rotation of openers to set the eye in the next harvest.

Here the rotation of Red Sox:

  1. Chris Sale (Zurdo)
  2. Eduardo Rodríguez (Left-handed)
  3. Garret Richards (Right)
  4. Nathan Eovaldi (Derecho)
  5. Martín Pérez (Left-handed)
  6. Tanner Houck (Right)

Without a doubt there are six interesting arms these with which Red Sox will count in the 2021 season of MLB to make up your rotation of starters, is to follow closely and not underestimate in the coming course of the best baseball in the world.

Sale and E-Rod although they will be the leaders of the rotation of Red Sox, probably not from the Opening Day Due to the physical difficulties that they will present at the beginning of the season, but when they are at 100% conditions it will be an interesting pitching in the MLB.

Richards is an interesting firm and one that solidifies this rotation of the Red Sox for the 2021 season of the MLB, having the necessary experience to consolidate in a team that seeks a resurgence in the Big Top.

Eovaldi and Pérez are the veteran of this rotation of Red Sox in the MLB 2021 and that will undoubtedly contribute significantly in the coming campaign, which is why the team of Boston gave a new contract to the Venezuelan left-hander.

Lastly, rookie Houck proved in his debut season in 2020 that he was in for big things in the MLB, having a great future and being a “covered rooster” that Red Sox could have in their rotation of starters in the 2021 campaign.

There is no doubt that Red Sox They are gradually assembling their team for 2021, first with Kike Hernández and now shielding their rotation starters, we will see an interesting group hungry for victory in the next harvest of the MLB.

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